About Me

Elliot Adler is an experienced real estate developer and investor with specialized expertise in the technicalities of real estate transactions. In his spare time, he volunteers both funds and his energy to a variety of local non-profits.

Professional Skills and Experience


In various roles throughout his career, Elliot was responsible for managing a robust service business with over 5,000 clients. As its top manager, he directed employees at all levels and ensured annual goals relative to budget, human resources, and client outcomes were met. While the role is demanding, he finds management extremely rewarding and would advise any supervisor to set a strong team vision while encouraging employees to meet personal goals. Incredible growth and client care are achievable with individuals and the group striving to reach new milestones.

Real Estate

His expertise in real estate is deep and varied. He maintains a high level of personal knowledge regarding property development and investment, along with the individual requirements for residential and commercial properties. Each path requires a unique set of skills and careful attention to detail to ensure long-term returns.

Property Development

The California property market is frequently hot and enjoyed the same boom as the rest of the U.S. in 2021 and early 2022. Adler’s expertise in real estate extends beyond the past several years to include participation in several significant development and finance projects in the San Diego area. Of particular interest are mixed-use residential and commercial projects. As the need for residential units continues to increase, this real estate development area will likely see increasing demand.

Elliot Adler’s interest in real estate derives from property development as well as commercial lease negotiation (with Starbucks, AT&T, and other corporate leaders), ground leases, and the nuances of real estate finance. While the ultimate goal is increasing wealth and the overall portfolio, there is also a focus on sustainable development, building community, and contributing to the growth of San Diego and the local economy.

Real Estate Investment

Over the past several years, various financial products focused on real estate have gained in popularity with more traditional investors. This has led to increasing diversification in property holdings through investment funds and provides general guidance into growth in these areas.

Real estate investment trusts, also known as REITs, and mutual funds dedicated to real estate are some of the most popular investment vehicles. Both are solid choices for getting started in real estate and for general portfolio diversification. Elliot sees these financial products as a way to participate in real estate transactions while maintaining a degree of liquidity and generating earnings when a significant solo real estate investment is not on the horizon.

To maintain easy access to capital, investments can take the form of regular purchases of shares or share-like security. Still, it’s also possible to invest in these vehicles via retirement plans, such as a 401(k), IRA, Roth IRA, or even a Health Savings Account, or HSA.

REITs can be used to maintain an interest in a more extensive portfolio of mixed holdings like apartment complexes, office buildings, commercial hubs, and other properties. Revenue and earnings are generated via rent collections and further gains on holdings. REITs are a great way to mix up the stock portfolio as a whole, and the REIT itself can be highly diversified, providing further insulation from market downturns.

Philanthropy and Charitable Involvement

Being a successful businessman provides many opportunities to connect with local charities in San Diego. Adler believes in doing more than the minimum of providing a charitable donation only and instead makes actual volunteer efforts a cornerstone of his philanthropy. He also encouraged fellow employees to participate in volunteering while in prior roles.

Some of his favorite experiences volunteering include being active in the youth basketball leagues and donating funds to help pay for necessary expenditures, such as uniforms, league fees, and miscellaneous equipment, for the inner city leagues. Elliot has also coached a high school varsity boys’ basketball team in San Diego on a volunteer basis for two years.

Volunteer efforts are also pursued at Mama’s Kitchen. Mama’s Kitchen is a local non-profit dedicated to helping San Diego residents with critical illnesses avoid additional health concerns due to malnourishment. Whether a person has heart disease, diabetes, HIV, or an alternate chronic disorder, nutritional assistance is provided via meal preparation and delivery. He has volunteered at the non-profit to help it further its mission. He has dedicated several hours to personally providing meals to people in need.

Elliot Adler is particularly interested in helping others and was central in the efforts to free a wrongfully convicted man, Neil Miller, from a 22-year prison term. DNA evidence, located through diligence research by him and tested, ultimately exonerated Miller. At the time of this discovery, Miller had already served ten years in prison for a crime he did not commit. He is one of 300 exonerees recognized by the Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to restoring freedom for those wrongfully accused and convicted of crimes.